Bury: Spartacus 2017

292 days to go!


  • Brockenspectre

    We are having an amazing time reading this book. We love how mysterious it is!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Whitefield Gladiators. We are delighted that you are enjoying this book. We absolutely loved it too.

  • The Red Prince

    Just Imagine comment: wow! There are some very interesting ideas here. When you have finished the story, perhaps you will be able to decide which associations seem to suit the Red Prince best. Great work everyone.

  • The Gold Prince

    Just Imagine comment: interesting ideas, Sedgley Park Gladiators. Do you know the story of the Happy Prince? He was made out of gold. Perhaps you can find out what happened to him.

  • COLOURS – The Black Prince

    Sedgley Gladiators discussed how the choice of colour can effect how readers might initially view characters.

    Just Imagine comment: Can you think of any positive associations with the colour black? We can see that you think the Black Prince might be smart. Often the black knight in a story can move around ‘incognito’ without being seen or recognised.

  • The Green Prince

    Just Imagine comment: green is also a colour that seems to have positive and negative associations. We can see that it has made you think about the natural world. We like your idea of the crown made out of a leaf. Sometimes we talk about being ‘green with envy’, so that’s not quite as positive.

  • The Blue Prince

    Just Imagine comment: blue was the colour that really divided us at Just Imagine. Some of us associated it with ‘feeling blue’ a sad emotion. Others thought it was a happy colour like ‘sky blue’. There’s a saying, ‘blue skies thinking’, which is used to describe the process of finding new ideas through creative thinking.

  • The White Prince

    Just Imagine Comment: we like the way you have written out your thoughts on large sheets of paper. Isn’t it interesting how something as simple as a colour choice can make us think so differently about a character?

  • Regional Winners!!

    Thank-you for the copy of Elen Caldecott’s ‘Cats and Curses’.
    We can’t wait to read it!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Sedgley Park Gladiators. Let us know what you think about it when you have read it.  Have you read any of the other books in the series?

  • The Red Prince

    I like The Red Prince because it’s a nice story to read. I think that I am like The Red Prince because I have lots of friends.

  • The Cake The Wolf And The Witch!

    My favorite character is Nettle because she believes in herself and is really kind (also quite annoying!) She is my favourite character because she is confident like me and friendly. Out of all of the characters I think that I am more like Nettle.

    Just Imagine comment: We like Nettle too for all the reasons you have mentioned. If you were able to change one thing about her, what would it be?

  • “Wild!”by Aadam

    Wild is my favourite character because he’s funny and Max and Nettle always annoy him!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Aadam. Thank you for sharing your picture of Wild with us. My favourite character is Nettle but I think she could be annoying and you would need to be a tolerant friend to get on with her. I like her loyalty and bravery.

  • The Cake The Wolf And The Witch

    Sedgley Gladiators have been exploring how Max is feeling at different points in the story. We are wondering if he will change his mind about not believing in ‘happy ever afters’,

  • Piotr

    Piotr is going to lead his team into success to solve the mystery because he is the leader of the team!

    Just Imagine comment: Do you think Piotr is the main character in this group?

  • Piotr takes matters into his own hands…

    Piotr has an awesome haircut and by the sounds of his name he definitely comes from another country.

    Just Imagine: can you work out where he might come from? You might have a clue later in the book, when the children visit the theatre.

  • Flora

    I like this character because she is more like me her name is Flora.

    Just Imagine comment: we like to find characters like ourselves in books. And sometimes we find characters who we would like to be too.

  • Spooks and Scooters

    My favourite character is Flora, she has a twin called Sylvie. Flora is my favourite character because she is calm, kind and adventurous. Flora has long nice light brown hair and is a simple girl. I like Sylvie as well but, I like Flora a little bit more.

    Just Imagine comment. Thank you for telling us about your favourite character. Do you think you are more like Flora or Sylvie?

  • The Marsh Road Mysteries

    Somehow,to his surprise,Piotr leads the gang of investigations. He is not sure quite how that happened-the job just landed on him. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt. Now he has to put down his comic books and pick up the reins. Who knows where he might end up?

    Just Imagine comment: who knows indeed? Great to see this artwork from Sedley Park Gladiators.

  • The Challenge Begins

    Hello Gladiators!
    You will be reading eight brilliant books with us this year. And you can tell us all about it, here on the Reading Gladiators website. We like to hear your thoughts and see photographs and videos of you work. You can also enter our monthly competitions to win prizes. And just for fun, find out how well you know a book by doing a quiz after you have finished reading it.

    Have a look and see what other schools are doing in your area and across the country; you are bound to pick up some good ideas.

    Caroline, Sam and Nikki,

    Just Imagine team