Bury: Atticus 2017

353 days to go!


  • Reading Reviews!

    In our Reading Gladiators group we have been thinking about all of the books we’ve read so far. We made a display, which included some thoughts on each book. We each chose our favourite and least favourite books. It was hard to choose the one we didn’t like much! Mixed reviews from everyone in the group though! Such a good discussion!

    Just Imagine comment: it’s the different views that makes it exciting isn’t it? We are really pleased to hear that your are sharing and listening to each other’s ideas.

  • The Brockenspectre

    Reading Gladiators really enjoyed drawing their own interpretations of the Brockenspectre. They all looked very different but similarly frightening!!

    Just Imagine comment: I think The Brockenspectre creates an atmosphere of foreboding and suspense to reflect Tomas’ feelings. Yo have really captured this in your pictures of The Brokenspectre.

  • The Brockenspectre

    Some of the gladiators chose to stay in at lunch to create epitaphs for Pappi. They really thought about inscriptions to honour his character such as ‘forever reaching the highest heights’.

    Just Imagine comment: Wow! We like your clever use of language. It sounds as though you created some fitting epitaphs for Pappi.

  • Poetry Recital

    Children chose their favourite poem to recite from Michael Rosen’s A to Z.

    Just Imagine comment: Looks like you are all having a great time in your reading den.

  • Shape Poetry

    Children liked reading different shape poems including the very clever ‘Skyscraper’ by Matt Haig.

    Just Imagine comment: Did you like the shape poems best? They can be very witty and Skyscraper is a great example.

  • Thank you!

    As runners up of The Red Prince challenge we received a copy of ‘Wall’ by Tom Clohosy Cole. With wonderful illustrations and a powerful story, we shared the story with the class before every gladiator took the book home to enjoy it personally.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Holcombe Brook Gladiators. Thank you for sharing this post. We are pleased that you like your new book. Do you think it has any similarities with The Red Prince?

  • Poetry reading fun

    We’ve loved our first week of poetry!
    Here’s Leah reading her favourite poem – ‘The Mighty Slide’. Top marks for perseverance!! It’s so long!!
    Highlights from the rest of the group include ‘Grrr’, ‘The Can Can’, ‘The Girls in my Class’, ‘I Wanna Be a Star’ and ‘Detention Tension’!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello St Paul’s Gladiators! It sounds as though the poems about school are particularly popular. Happy Reading!

  • Brokenspectre fun!

    We loved reading The Brockenspectre, and wrote book reviews about it.
    We did think it was rather a sad story, and we felt a bit sorry for Tomas.
    We’d give it a three out of five! Very much looking forward to the next book!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello St Paul’s Gladiators! Do you think Tomas is a stronger character at the end of the book? Even if the story doesn’t have the happy ending we might be expecting, perhaps the courage and self-reliance that Tomas learns means it is not an entirely sad story? Thank you for updating us. We hope you have fun with the poetry!

  • The Red Prince

    The reading gladiators were keen to use their amazing acting skills to create freeze-frames of the significant parts of the story.

    Just Imagine comment: well done! We can see exactly which part of the book you have chosen for this freeze frame.

  • Thank you!

    For the Maudie Smith books we received as our prize for the quest map challenge.

    Just Imagine comment: you were very deserving winners – a fabulous quest map.

  • Our special visitor

    We were so lucky to have a reading session with Nikki and the gladiators loved this picture book!

    Nikki Gamble comment: I really enjoyed my visit and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the summer. Meanwhile, Happy Reading!

  • Holcombe Brook Quest Map

    The was a wonderful activity and the Reading Gladiators even stayed in during some play times to play with their 3D quest map.

    Just Imagine comment: It’s an impressive map. Well done!

  • Story Maps

    The gladiators really enjoyed creating story maps of The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch.

    Just Imagine comment: It’s great to see you all working so well together.

  • We’re very excited about this month’s book!

    The St. Joseph and St. Bede Reading Gladiators were very excited to start reading their new book, The Brockenspectre this week!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello to St Jospeh and St Bede. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the book. Happy Reading!

  • We Love Reading Gladiators!

    Being in reading gladiators is AMAZING!!! So far the books are challenging, interesting and altogether fantastic. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity . That’s why we made a recreation of the cover!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Fairfield Reading Gladiators. We are delighted t hear that you are having a good time. Thank you for sharing your book jacket with us. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the book when you have finished it.


  • Loving it!

    We’re loving our Reading Gladiators Club! And Spooks and Scooters is fabulous too! We’re finishing it off this week… Exciting!

    Just Imagine comment: hello St Paul’s. We are really pleased to read your update and to see you all enjoying your books. We hope you will be entering the competition.

  • A Tweet Treat!

    The Holcombe Brook reading gladiators were so excited to find out that Elen Caldecott had replied to our tweet!

    Just Imagine comment: Now that IS exciting!

  • Holcombe Brook

    Making inference and predictions using the map at the front of the book.

    Just Imagine comment. We love books with maps in and so does Elen Caldecott. She talked about it in an interview with us. Perhaps your teacher can tell you what Elen said about them.

  • Holcombe Brook

    Making a start on our first book… Lots of fantastic discussion.

    Just Imagine comment: I wish we could have listened in. I bet you have great ideas. 

  • Holcombe Brook

    Our first reading gladiators session in our wonderful learning pods.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello, Holcombe Brook Gladiators. We all have reading pod envy! What a perfect place to read your new books. We can’t wait to find out what you think about them.