Bristol Challenge 2017

299 days to go!


  • French link?

    I think I’ve possibly enjoyed reading this even more than the children this time. We’re desperate to know whether Emma Cox has a link to France? We’ve enjoyed all the French vocabulary. Lots of new words to add to our Italian and sanskrit from Word of Mouse! From Miss Hall and the Cherries from Wansdyke


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 21st Nov 2017, 9:57am
    We know that Emma loves France. You should drop her a tweet and see if she has any French connections. Some of the other gladiators have shared their activities with her and she is delighted with the enthusiasm for Malkin.
  • The Magician’s Elephant Display

    We combined the artwork and vocabulary work from our 4 different Reading Gladiators groups to produce an eye-catching display of The Magician’s Elephant for our library wall!

    Just Imagine comment: We love your display and hope we will be able to see it when we visit with Elen Caldecott later this month.

  • The Magician’s Elephant display – Willow Class

    Willow class cut paper to make the buildings for The Magician’s Elephant display. We think they look great!

    Just Imagine comment: what a wonderful evocative display. Do you think the setting is an important element of this story?

  • The Magician’s Elephant – a sense of belonging

    Year 4 Gladiators re-capped on the story and discussed the theme of “belonging” that is explored through the characters in the novel.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Filton Avenue Gladiators. Thank you for sharing your work about ‘belonging’ with us. Do any of the other Gladiators books that you have read this year have a similar theme?

  • Starting a new book!

    The children were very excited to be starting ‘The Un-forgotten Coat’ today.

  • The Magician’s Elephant Acrostics

    Children loved looking at The Magician’s Elephant through discussing themes in the book. They then created ideas for acrostic poems together and published them for a display.

    Just Imagine comment: lovely to see so much discussion going on. Gladiators are really good at listening and learning from each other. Well done Wansdyke. Happy reading!

  • The Magician’s Elephant Acrostics

    Our finished, ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ acrostics. This really helped to reinforce the themes running through the story as well as develop an understanding of characters and language.

    Just Imagine Comment: Thank you for uploading your work. It’s good to hear that this month’s challenge helped you to reflect on the themes of the story. We look forward to reading them more closely.

  • Reading Gladiator Display

    Look how our display is progressing. We are loving adding to it every month. More and more other Year 4 children in our classes have now asked to read the books!

    Just Imagine comment: great to see this living display that grows as we travel on our reading journey together.

  • The Red Prince Library display

    With their amazing artwork and lively book recommendations, Year 4 Gladiators are inspiring other readers in year 4 to pick up some of the books we have read. Well done Gladiators!

    Just Imagine comment. Your enthusiasm is catching. That’s wonderful!

  • Red Prince Library display

    4H Reading Gladiators artwork has certainly brightened up our library wall!

    Just Imagine comment: super display. You have obviously looked very carefully at the way Tom Clohosey Cole composes his images. Some great perspectives and viewpoints. Well done.

  • Art Session inspired by illustrations from The Red Prince

    Class 4H loved this story! The beautiful artwork sparked some interesting discussions about atmosphere/mood. When discussing this book we tried to focus on aspects that were not directly stated. Many comments were introduced with “I get the feeling that…” and we looked for visual clues.

    Just Imagine comment: we like the way you have noticed that illustrations cand create a mood and that this affects the way that we feel about a story. Great work Filton Avenue Gladiators.

  • Super Artwork in the style of Tom Clohosy Cole!

    After discussing their personal responses to the story the Gladiators wanted to produce their own versions of some of the illustrations.

    Just Imagine comment: super artwork Filton Avenue Gladiators. We cab see that you have thought very carefully about the way the pictures have been constructed.

  • Horfield’s Reading Gladiator Display

    We have created a display to inspire our friends to read these books too. we are adding to it as we go through our reading journey!

    Just Imagine comment: what a lovely idea! We think this willl really encourage other people to read the books.

  • Mapping out The Cake the Wolf and the Witch

  • Filton Avenue’s Max

  • Filton Avenue sharing The Cake The Wolf and the Witch

  • 4H Gladiators at Filton Avenue have really been enjoying The Cake The Wolf and The Witch!

    We are following Max’s personal development as he carries out his quest. In session 1 we put all we know about Max at the beginning of the story onto green post-its and stuck them on to a diagram of Max’s body. (We drew around Gladiator Jack!) In session 2 we tracked how many of these features are beginning to change by adding our comments on pink post-its.

    We are loving the exciting plot and the pacey, “race-against-time” narrative!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Filton Avenue Gladiators. We are really pleased to hear that you are enjoying this book. We thought you were learning how to be surgeons and then we realised you were doing a role on the wall activity! Well done Jack for keeping still.

  • Character description

    We have begun to read ‘The Cake, The Wolf and the Witch’ and we absolutely love it. We have looked at characters’ thoughts, feelings and actions (including the motives behind these actions). We enjoyed trying to understand how we know how a character is feeling by analysing the way they act.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Fonthill Gladiators. What interesting work you have been doing. Do you think you can usually tell what a character is feeling from the way they behave? Is that true for people in real life?

  • Case file

    In session 2 we gathered information for the case file. There were several competing theories!!

    Just Imagine comment: Thank you for sharing your work with us. We also had competing theories in the Just Imagine office. Have a lovely half term everyone.

  • Character information – The Twins

    In the first session we gathered information about all the main characters as we read. The twins were very different!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Filton Avenue Gladiators! Are those Gladius bookmarks? what a neat idea!