Y4 Bristol and Somerset

239 days to go!


  • What we like about Word of Mouse

    Watch our video to find out why we liked Word of Mouse.

  • Word of Mouse review

  • Malkin Moonlight

    We found our own ways to record thoughts.

  • Marking Moonlight

    4B are busy reading Malkin Moonlight. We have been discussing similarities and differences between this book and ‘Word of Mouse’ as well as a class text, Varjak Paw. Today we talked about ‘sixth sense’ .

  • Reading Gladiators at St Teresa’s

    Year 4 are really enjoying reading ‘Word of Mouse’ and are working hard on their display!
    (We can’t turn our photo around!)

  • 4B Reading Gladiators hard at work!

    This year, our RGs are collecting their thoughts, questions and predictions for the book, in their own reading journals.

  • Reading Gladiators Filton Avenue 4B

    We are really enjoying this first book. Our favourite character is Hailey (and obviously Isaiah!) We simply cannot put the book down.

  • Wansdyke Cherries are off!

    We’ve opened our books and learnt some amazing facts about mice. Cannot wait to read past chapter 18!!!!