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What happens next? The Boy, The Bird and The Coffin Maker storytelling

By Filton Avenue Primary School

Following our art creations, each member of Year Four Reading Gladiators invented the next adventure for Tito and Alberto. Elen Caldecott taught us when inventing stories, to begin at the end, so our children decided whether it would be happy, tragic or a cliffhanger. Then they made story boards to continue the story from the moment Alberto and Tito set sail. Everyone's ideas were different: some kept the atmosphere similar, some magpies from other known stories and some changed the mood to humour. Some told their stories and some worked in groups to act them out. Such an engaging few sessions and so much effort put in. Our videos of the story telling are on Dropbox. We hope you enjoy them. I was impressed with the language and phrases that the children invented. It proves that they are outstanding readers with a passion for narrative!

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Don’t cross the line!

By St Matthias School

St Matthias entry 6/6.
Each child chose their favourite character from the story and drew a picture. Then they thought carefully about what boundaries that character had, what were they not allowed to do? Where were they not allowed to go? We then added these ideas to our posters.

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June update

It has been a busy month for Reading Gladiators the length and breadth of the country. Year 2 Congratulations to Bridge Learning Campus who were the winners of this month’s Erica’s Elephant mini-challenge for their amazing script writing. They captured the characters perfectly with lots of details from the book. Final Challenge If you have had […]

Funding your Reading Gladiators™ group

Reading Gladiator groups can be funded in several different ways.  Ideally the fee is covered by the school budget, whether that be monies allocated to developing Literacy, English, the Library stock or Gifted and Talented, those working above the expected level. Ultimately you are purchasing good quality books for your whole school bookstock. It is […]

Reading Gladiators™ Challenge Events

Reading Gladiators up and down the country have been enjoying taking part in the Challenge Day events. Here are some highlights so far:                    We have had lots of great team names from the VIPs (Very Important Readers) and Burnham Book Worms in Essex to The Bellbird Unicorn […]