June update

It has been a busy month for Reading Gladiators the length and breadth of the country.

Year 2

Congratulations to Bridge Learning Campus who were the winners of this month’s Erica’s Elephant mini-challenge for their amazing script writing. They captured the characters perfectly with lots of details from the book.

Final Challenge

If you have had problems submitting your final challenge please do send them by email to sam@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk by the 9th July.

We hope you have enjoyed reflecting on your year as Reading Gladiators. I met a group this week who were very keen to tell me about their favourites. They didn’t all agree but that made for an even more interesting discussion. Some loved Message From the Moon because it introduced them to poetry, while others were captivated by the rich illustrations in Moon Dragons. Whatever your favourite, please post an update and let us know!

Year 4

Challenge Days

The variety of presentations has been wonderful this year; from placard wielding protesters and quirky detectives dissecting Little Bits of Sky to lots of mice and cat ear headbands for teams sharing their thoughts on Word of Mouse and Malkin Moonlight to some very creative bookmarks and artwork.




Stock Primary are the winners of The Goldfish Boy mini-challenge and will be interviewing Lisa Thompson via Skype next week. They will be posing their own excellent questions and also some chosen from entries by BellBird, Mortimer St Marys, Henry Green, and Iver Village: who will each receive a copy of Lisa’s next novel: The Light Jar.  The last title in the year 4 programme has proved very popular in the book vote and we have also seen some very creative presentations such as this one from Filton Avenue:

Now is a great time for sharing the ‘just for fun’ quizzes on each title, that can be found on the public face of the Reading Gladiators website (no log in required). If you have been unable to attend a challenge day, the game show (quiz/charades activity) is also now available on request; it would make a fun final session. Please email gladiators@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk.

Year 6

Lovely to hear author SF Said’s response to discussion around Phoenix on twitter this week. In case you haven’t seen it:

When I shared this with my group, what interesting comments:  This book did help me because the Axxa were just like normal humans it was just they had a disguise. It reminded me of Islamophobia and how we wear a headscarf.

Replying to 

These are amazing comments – thank you, and please thank everyone in your group for me! It means so much to hear that they’re reading Phoenix in that way, and applying it to their own lives, and situations in the real world. An author couldn’t hope for more!

We are looking forward to seeing your creative projects for the Final Challenge. Just a reminder that the deadline for submissions is 13th July. Please submit as you would a mini-challenge via the submission tab.

Post an update Competition Winners

This months’ winners are John Ray Infants for their reflections on I Don’t Like Snakes. £150 books for your library are on their way to you.

Please continue to post, particularly photos of final challenge work and final group sessions. You may like to suggest a Character Bookcafe, in which each gladiator comes to the session as one of the characters from one of the books this year. All you have to do is supply the cake!


There is still time to book onto next year’s programmes:


If you have concerns regarding the funding of a Reading Gladiators™ group, there are some suggestions here.

As finalists in the Literacy/English category, we are looking forward to hearing the results of the Teach Primary Resource Award over the Summer Break. What this space for news!