Children of the King mini-challenge winners

Thank you for the wonderful entries to The Children of the King competition. We were thrilled by the way that the children rose to the first challenge to take a key theme from the book, identify a quotation and present it in poster form.

We love looking at your entires, but it  is always difficult to pick winners! However, after much deliberation, the overall winner of this month’s challenge is Hallsville Primary School in Newham. Their poster was eye catching and cohesive. They chose the quotation, ‘ You don’t forget people you love. Maybe you forget their faces, but you don’t forget the love.‘  They wrote and explained how they had identified this theme,  ‘We have really enjoyed reading The Children of the King and for our challenge we decided upon the theme of separation. There were so many examples of people being separated from their loved ones in the book and we thought about the way that wars happening today are still separating people from their loved ones, as they were back then. We used the tags as we felt that these were a symbol of separation, especially for evacuees in WWII, and we used the separated world to show that war not only separates and divides people but also countries and continents. After scouring the book carefully for a quote to match our theme, we felt that Cecily’s quote summed up separation perfectly.’  Hallsville receive £70 of year 6 books for the class.

We were also impressed by Filton Avenue’s graphic look. They wrote and told us :  ‘We examined the themes of war and peace through quotes and sayings. We really liked the “funky” style of the word “Word” that features in the vocabulary webinar, so we used the same design for our anti-war poster. I gave out giant letter templates to spell the word “WAR” and Gladiators did a 10 minute challenge to fill their letter with the sayings and quotations they liked the most. This will eventually go up on our Reading Gladiators wall display.’ Filton Avenue receive £30 of  year 6 books for their class.

Churchfield School in Barnsley chose the quotation, ‘For the moment, the war is far away. It hasn’t touched any of us terribly’.  They wrote, ‘We decided that although a war may be physically far away, it’s actually a real and close threat and has an impact on everyone’s lives. We tried to show this by placing a war scene so close to an idyllic, safe scene. The horse in its safe stable could easily end up a victim on the battlefield. The children are naively heading towards the danger, believing they are safe… We couldn’t resist including Cecily, May and Jeremy and we made a few other references to ‘The Children of the King’ in our artwork. We loved the carefully drawn artwork. Lovely to see them all here, proudly holding their banner. Churchfield School receive £30 of year 6 books for their class.

We will shortly be announcing the winners of The Thing About Jellyfish mini-challenge.

Don’t forget, this month we are reading Pax and we look forward to receiving more of your wonderful mini-challenge entries then.

Best wishes

Reading Gladiators Team